Max Charvolen


Max Charvolen (1946~)

Born in Cannes, France
Lives and works in Cannes, and in the various cities where he is offered places on which to apply his work.
Max Charvolen acquired a degree in art from the Nice Art School and one in architecture from the Marseilles School of Architecture. He was a member of the INterVENTION group (1968-1973) along with Dolla, Viallat, Saytour and Miguel, among others, and a co-founder of Group 70. He did his internship as an architect in Rio de Janeiro, in the agency of Oscar Niemeyer, with whom he began a long and faithful friendship.
His training as both an artist and architect is no accident. Since 1967, Max Charvolen’s work has brought this duality into play, exploring the limits between the physical space in which we develop and evolve and the symbolic space in which we represent. This is how he naturally became one of the artists who was to be at the origins of the aesthetic current of analytical and critical painting, questioning the "immediate constituents" of painting, giving as much importance to the "creative process" as to the purely aesthetic result.
Since the end of the 1970s he has been developing his work on parts of buildings, a work that examines both the means we have at our disposal to represent the world we live in and the way we take hold of it.